Transfer of industrial machinery

Demi Engineering is a leading company in Italy and abroad in executing the transfer of industrial machinery. Thanks to the collaboration of specialists and to a perfect internal organization, it developed a mechanism that allows to offer a personalized turnkey service including field engineering activities, packaging, handling and managing of transportations by land and by sea for the following fields of use:
  • printing
  • paper
  • chemical plants
  • food
  • automotive
  • packaging
  • flexo
  • rotogravure
  • offset
  • roto offset
  • continuous lines
  • extrusion technology
  • converting
  • complete lines

Servizio Turn Key - Site to Site

In the specific, a “Turnkey - Site to Site” standard service is organized in the following phases:

  • inspection in the source productive site
  • inspection in the target productive site
  • report of machineries and plants status
  • transfer’s planning and scheduling (activities and timing)
  • electrical parts branding with the check of existent frameworks and eventual updating of what is not reported
  • mechanical parts branding
  • plants branding
  • machines and devices dismantling
  • mechanical components handling with the use of standard lifting vehicles, of electrical self-propelled cranes from 9 tons to 65 tons and of gantry cranes
  • shipping components packaging
  • “all risk” insurances based on the machinery’s value
  • full machineries transportation from source site to target site using adequate vehicles
  • if required, machines inspection
  • mechanical and electrical reassembling of the activated plants of the installation site’s layout
  • electronic scheduling thanks to the collaboration of specialists
  • technical assitance to plants tests and starter

The whole process is realized and coordinated by professional, in full compliance with laws and current regulations.
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