Design of production facilities

Demi Engineering, thanks to the presence of senior engineers who come from well-known Italian constructive and engineering firms, is able to take charge of the design of both civil and industrial production plants.
DEMI's operational and managerial staff is composed of senior engineers from important Italian construction and engineering firms; thanks to the experiences and contacts they have acquired over many years of business, DEMI can now propose its own Project Management Service, created by the specific customers request for a correct and effective optimization system in the management and execution of civil and industrial commissions.

DEMI takes care of the definition, planning and supervision of the various Project Work Package, while working with the customer interface, through its own Project Management structure. Each Project is followed by a specialized team, and managed according to its own characteristics: complexity, scope, geographical area of intervention.
In particular, the project management service includes the following activities:

  • project engineering
  • planning
  • execution
  • check
  • procurement

In detail, the procurement service is divided into the following phases:

• identification and classification of suppliers
• definition and finalization of purchase and procurement contracts
• follow-up and expediting activities

Each one is carefully executed according to the specific needs of the buyer.