Paper machines

Demi Engineering has an internal specialized department for designing, assembling and maintaining paper machines in Rome. More specifically, it supplies machines for both continuous- or tissue paper production whose design and delivery are handled in full compliance with the clients’ timing requests.

Engineering services

  • designing schemes, mechanical and working drawings, piping and instrumentation diagrams
  • supplying materials
  • order processing and management under turnkey contracts

Mechanical assembly

  • wet ends
  • headboxes
  • presses
  • dryer section
  • unwinders
  • calender
  • rewinders
  • cutters
  • rebuilding
  • displacing machines

Equipment services

  • producing and assembling equipment made of steel, carbon and stainless steel
  • headbox
  • vacuum pumps
  • Constant power circuits
  • Lubrication systems
  • Pneumatic circuits
  • Steam-powered circuits
  • Sanitation- and water circuits


  • mechanical
  • machine-related
  • electrical
  • single components


  • piping
  • carpentry
  • construction works
Macchine per cartiere Roma
Macchine tissue