Mechanical and machinery system planning

Following the instructions provided by the client, the company Demi Engineering takes care of mechanical and machinery system planning. Feasibility studies and preliminary planning are performed, continuously searching for new solutions, stressing out the fulfillment and savings during the production process. The company offers to customers the opportunity to follow every step in the planning, assessing the work in progress.
The projects are developed through 3d moulds which are solid and/or surfaces.

Items realized:

  • Special machineries;
  • Finished machineries;
  • Handling and transport systems;
  • Machineries and plants for steelworks, foundry, aluminum and relevant models realized with 3D printers.

The company Demi Engineering s.r.l. has a branch located in Brescia and provides machineries, automated handling and storing, pre-treatment of surfaces, piping, turn-key plants and technological plants within any productive process.