The installation of iron and steel plants

The Demi Engineering works with professionalism in the iron and steel industry and in the metal sector. In particular, it deals with the installation of iron and steel plants, as well as of their modification, of their starting and of their periodical or extraordinary manteinance also with the turkney formula.

The company specifically plans:

  • Longitudinal cut lines
  • Trasverse cut lines
  • Packaging lines
  • Special lines
  • Cut-to-lenght lines
  • Wrapping devices
  • Wire drawing lines
  • Cable lines
Installazione impianti siderurgici Roma

Workshop’s pre-assembly

  • Preliminary piping construction for pneumatic and oleodynamic lines, services and related installation
  • Line’s preliminary mechanical assemblies


  • Planning, managing and coordination of the commissions
  • structural and piping engineering
  • field engineering
Settore siderurgico


  • Local preliminary inspections, controls and surveys
  • Lines mechanical assemblies realized with the use of digital devices
  • Pneumatic, oleodynamic, electrical and electro-instrumental plant building’s installation
  • Components handling inside the sites with the use of electrical self-propelled vehicles, up to 65 tons payload
  • Test and starter assistance
  • Maintenance services