Construction of petrochemicals plants

DEMI is active in the district heating sector for civil use. Among others, he has carried out the work of installing heat exchange substations for the capillary distribution of district heating energy in the city of Turin. Demi Engineering employs human resources with specialized knowledge for the construction of petrochemical plants .

Technicians have a high level of expertise and are able to fully comply with current regulations in the chemical and petrochemical sectors. A substantial part of DEMI's human resources comes from ultra-long experience in the chemical and petrochemical industries in the plants construction, installation, operation and maintenance. Hence a high level of competence and aptitude to operate in accordance with strict industry standards chemistry and petrochemicals.

All the services offered by DEMI, from the individual construction and installation of piping and equipment to the creation of more structurally complex projects, are always, for a corporate policy choice, followed by highly specialized human resources and possessing specific experiences and references. DEMI provides its resources and expertise in the activities of:

In detail, the company specializing in the construction of petrochemical plants and the rest of the national territory, provides customers the following services:

• supply, construction and installation of metal structures
• supply and installation of machines and equipment
• design, construction and assembly of piping
• supply, construction and installation of insulations
• management and implementation of 'turnkey' projects for the plants installation and revamping
• Assistance to the testing and commissioning of the equipment
• periodic or extraordinary plants maintenance
Costruzione impianti petrolchimici Roma
Costruzione Impianti Siderurgici Roma