Demi Engineering Ltd.

The Demi Engineering Ltd. is operating in the fields of mechatronics, thermo-hydraulics, paper, printing, energy, chemical-petrochemical, food and steel industries. The company specializes in the design and manufacture of the most sophisticated automatic handling and storage systems.

Demi Engineering Ltd. is a company operating in the installation of industrial plants sector and deals with the pre-treatment of surfaces, piping, hydraulic installations, automated parking, painting and technological installations within any production processes.

Demi Engineering Ltd. offers the possibility of making turnkey products for any type of requirement in trend with the modern technology. Affordable and perfectly integrated with the production process, without losing quality and safety. With plants growing all over the world, the company offers after-sales service, ensuring our clients with the maximum efficiency of systems delivered over time.
The company operates in the implementation of “turnkey” plants and in the upgrading of existing installations by carrying out the following activities:

  • feasibility study;
  • analysis of the automation and management needs;
  • study of material flows and sizing of transport systems and warehouses;
  • identification of the system;
  • lay-out definition;
  • risk area analysis according to the "Machinery Directive";
  • production and implementation of automation and management software;
  • identifying H w Architecture needed for its realization;
  • bill of materials;
  • production of systems;
  • installing;
  • start-up and co-control of plants;
  • staff training;
  • after-sales service.
Starting from a broad base of standardized products that are constantly updated according to the "state of the art", choosing and integrating the different systems, we are able to propose the most advantageous technical and economic choice and the solution to every problem.

The automation and management level is also modulated to the plant need and can be connected with higher order IT management systems.